life of plants and play of light
in between the buildings of Tokyo

The negative space between buildings caught my attention during a visit to Tokyo. The city has no continuous facade, all houses stand-alone.

Sometimes while passing, I catch a glimpse of something extraordinary between two buildings. When I tstop and look closely there is nothing there, like a fleeting sensation which evaporates immediately after being observed.

In contrast to this fleeting perception, I start to watch these insignificant spaces in between the buildings very closely, waiting for those space to "open up" to me.

When twilight falls and the lights indoors are lit, wondrous effects are created through the many windows that overlook the interstices.

In each photo, the periphery of the image on the left and right show the edges of two buildings. The space in between is a striking area that connects the two separate buildings. At the same time, the space in between forms a world in itself