After exploring and photographing the hidden spaces at several buildings, the Stedelijk Museum closed its doors in January 2004. This made the entire museum actually a "hidden space". The request to find out, through photography, what remains of the "aura" of the museum, after all works of art have been removed, was granted.

Simultaneously Theater Carré closed for a thorough renovation and I also photographed the dismantled building there. Thus started a wandering through the many museums and theaters in Amsterdam that closed for renovation or new construction, between 2004 and 2013.

Assignments from various institutions (Amsterdam City Archives, Jewish Historical Museum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Den Ende Foundation) ensured me of unlimited access to the many buildings premises.

It was a complex matter, because it concerned many very different type of buildings, with very different construction techniques and spatial characteristics.

After the last institution, the Rijksmuseum, reopened in 2013, the self-published book "Verboroen Stad / Hidden City" was released. In this book was presented a broad selection of the photos that were taken over a nine years period.

Willem van Toorn wrote a number of poems that were inspired by the photographs.

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