SET 2018-2023

In the photographs that are created from 2016 onwards, the space was adapted to depict that space in a more personal way (see Camera Lucida), Starting in 2018, the space can be fully constructed. These spaces are physically large enough to be entered.

Taking a photograph means most often that a camera is placed between the viewer and the subject, thus creating distance towards thate subject. During the construction of the space, this distance is instrumental for the construction process: the image seen through the camera determines the next steps. When (seen through the lense) the impression arises of being in a previously unknown place, the destination has been reached and a photograph will be made.

After that the space will be dismantled. This means that space only exists as a photograph; a document showing what existed somewhere at some point in time. This photo can be printed to a size equal to the originally built space. Then the photograph become more than a document, It replaces the space it shows and even more, it coincides with it; the photo then has become the space.