IN SITU is an Artist in Residence program, organised by Ronald de Ceuster and made possible with the courtesy of Lucré Schoorlemmer and Tonneke Van Oss who generously made their house 'Casa Madrugada' available.

Somewhere in Portugal, east of Coimbre, where hills almost turn into mountains. stands a useless little house, in the back of a farm's yard.

Originally it served as granary for the adjacent pig house. But the pigs have since long gone and at some point the shed went up in flames, so now the little house stands there all by itself.
The floor is measuring 7.5 x 9 feet, there are four concrete walls, a door, a window with a hatch and a flat roof; all together it meets the basic definition of a house, but for who or what?

From May through December, six invited artists will each spend a month in the farmhouse and put the useless house in the centre of their creative focus. The participating artists are Gerard Koek - Ernie Bossmann - Anne-Marie Van Sprang - Simone De Groot - Ienke Kastelein and Jan Theun van Rees.
Each artist will report through a blog, that you can read here.

During December it was my turn to work with the useless house as a given space. That month was full of rain, so work progressed slow. The many dark days made me work on the blog intensive, trying to verbalise as precise as possible what happens in my mind while I am working on this project. To my surprise this resulted in a clear incrementally development, starting with expectations and presupposition, through frustration and disappointment, to wondering and reconsideration, until finally something new emerges that represents my perception of where I am on that moment: In a small shag, between impassable forests in Portugal, just before midwinter.