W0RK 2017-2019

The years 2020 and 2021 are defined by the pandemic and the multiple lock downs. This period has for me unexpectedly a very positive connotation. The sudden silence during the lockdowns made me realise how side issues push important matters to the background. This also applies to my creative work. While the world came to a standstill I could put all my time in developing new work

The interaction between documenting spaces with my camera and self-constructing spaces with the sole purpose to create a photograph out of it has further developed. First I created fictitious spaces in the studio with 24 blue crates.

Later I participated in the small Kaalstaart-Festival on an abandoned industrial plant in Amersfoort. In a concrete water basin where a big machine used to be, I created an installation with aluminium insulation material and pipes.

After the festival I could continue working and it took two months to find a new view point from which I could re-discover the space as an unseen world.
(see: FINALE 2020-558844 and Binnen Meer 2020-55268)