The publication of the book ”Hidden City” in 2013 marks the conclusion of a decade of photographing the dismantles cultural institutions in Amsterdam. Looking for new ideas for projects I start photographing on many different locations. The images that appear are mainly a reconsideration of my artistic principles. In stead of series or projects, it’s mainly singular images that stand out tell the entire story.

2015 Lakenhal
Photographing the museum that I frequented in my childhood, as an autobiographical investigation.

2014 - 2015 Maison de Bonneterie
Documenting the transformation of a historic fashion house to an H&M flagship store.

2014 - 2015 Freedom on 4.5 Square Feet
The photographing of a deserted detention center becomes a gripping experience when I find dozens of bulletin boards, mounted above the beds, covered with drawings, by numerous inmates, expressing their state of mind in a desperate situation. This is followed by a photographic investigation to confined spaces and detention.

2012-2013 Zaanstad, Poelenburg
The windows are covered with a large variety of textiles. There is no opportunity to look in, while the neighborhood in reflected in the glass

2012 Hong Kong, Kowloon
During my stay in the rundown burrow of Kowloon, I try get to know this small but peculiar part of town as good as possible. .