St. James Cathedral SJC 06-05 01

All rooms are defined by the walls that they are enveloped by. At the same time, another space is shaped on the other side of these walls. In some cases these spaces are merely 'negative spaces', not constructed to be seen, much less to be photographed.

To explore these spaces and then photograph them was in a way much like an old expedition to remote and unknown territories, located just one wall away from the spaces that we are familiar with. By publishing these photographs (the representation of) those spaces are added to the notion of the visitor and thus alters the perception of that space when visited.

After having photographed the hidden spaces of several buildings in Chicago, the Chicago based company US Equities generously offered me the opportunity to work out the theme as a visiting artist. The book 'One Wall Away, Chicago' Hidden Spaces' was published in 2007.

First Presbeterian Church 1MC 07-01-18 01
John Hancock Tower JHC 06-08-18 02
Crown Fountain CF 07-01-23 03
Crown Fountain CF 07-01-23 04
Crown Fountain CF 07-01-23 02
Auditorium Theatre AT 06-08-30 03
Holy Family Church HFC 07-02-27 02
Fieldmuseum FM 07-02-20 02
Unity Temple UT 04-06 02
Chicago Cultural Centre CCC 05-08 01
Cloudgate Sculpture CLG 06-03-21 02
Museum of Chience and Industry (Omnimax Theatre) MSI 07-02-21 05
Symphony Hall SC 06-08-21 01
Chicago Cultural Centre CCC 05-08 02
Chicago Theatre CT 06-08-17 01
I.I.T. Campus Energy Plant IIT 07-02-22 01
Holy Family Church HFC 07-02-27 02
Brittany Centre ("Beehive") BT 06-08-22 01
Medinah Temple MT 07-02-23 01
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