WORK 2020
WORK 2015-16

During the period 2017-2019 the freedom to intervene in a space that is photographed expands to spaces that are entirely self-constructed.

2017 Comenius Hall Schiedam
During the festival ”Celebration of Vacancy” a deserted Gym is used to create a huge Camera Obscura. It turns out to be impossible to darken the ruinous space, sunlight penetrates through every tiny crack. This comes to good use when observing the sunlight moving through the space during the day.

2019 Pictura, Groningen
In a modest room a camera obscura is constructed, making use of three holes, covered with a red, green and blue filter. The incoming light disintegrates and creates a new deformed projection on the wall.

2018 Small ‘A Corridor’
When time is at hand, but there is not a meaningful space to work in, I decide to build the space that I was looking for, not hindered by any craft nor knowledge on building. The result of my effort is unpredictable, a small Corridor ‘emerges’, with walls that light up and a blue light beckoning at the end.
Not only the actual construction, but the site where the space is built is a topic for a photograph: ‘Space and Site’

About Scale
The corridor is not a scale-model, it is a ‘real’ space in its actual size. When a print of the photograph has the same size as the original space, the represented space merges with its original. The original space is taken down after completing the photograph, all that is left is the photograph. The large print is not a picture of a space, the print is that space.

2019 ‘Camera Lucida’
The following year a new, is constructed with walls from unfolded cardboard boxes and the intention to create a completely dark space for a camera obscura. Like in 2017, the attempt is a failure that offers unexpected opportunities. Experimenting with many different sorts of light placed on the outside of the ‘box’ a ‘Camera Lucida is created inside .