A project in the making
For me, a project hardly ever starts with a clear plan. While working on different subjects, every once in a while some photographs appear that seem to be related in their own way. When these works point in a certain direction, I have to further investigate their shared meaning and visual qualities; the outlines of a new theme slowly emerge. In that respect, "Camera Lucida" is a project in the making. The current selection will change gradually, as more work has been done and the project develops clear outlines.

The title "Camera Lucida" is here used as the opposite of the well known ”camera obscura”, a darkened room, except for a small hole through which the entire outside world is projected upside down over walls, ceiling and floor. It is an ever fascinating experience o be inside such a room. When the (pin-) hole is smaller, the projection will be darker but as well more detailed. By gradually enlarging the hole the projection will seem to fade out and disappear into blurry shades, until the windows itself are the actual holes that create the projection. Although one will at first glance conclude that the projection has disappeared, to my opinion every window still creates such a projection. Even when we think we can not see it, there are always certain hues and shades running over the walls that are related to what is on the other side of the window. Camera Lucida is the ever present interaction between the interior and the outside world through the incident light and the way that this light is directed when entering the room.

The Current selection contains three aspects: At first there are some images from 2014 and 2015 that show the necessity to start looking into this direction. Then there are photographs that are created in 2016, during a residency in Den Helder. Here I used curtains and drapes to apply in empty spaces and thus create a specific interaction between the interior and the outside world. Finally there are photographs from a 2017 residency in Schiedam, where an old Gymnasium was transformed into a camera obscura. I photographed the space and the incident light during this process of darkening.

Some photographs are as well featured in the LOCATIONS section.

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