WORK 2017-19

In the course of 2015 I start to look with more active for spaces and situations where a visual interaction between the interior and the outside world is manifest, mainly through the working of light. The following year I take the liberty to intervene in spatial settings and increase the dynamics between inside and out, or even to establish this interaction.

2015 Veenhuizen
During an artist residency in the Dutch prison village Veenhuizen, where the walls of the penitentiary institutions exclude the world outside, I created a strong longing to show an image of a space with a way out of the image, a possibility to escape.
It was in the middle of the winter and during a storm the wind blew up the curtains in the opened windows. Suddenly there was the excitement of being able to fly away, as if the walls dissolved in the infinity of space outside.

About Inside and Out
For many years, within my spatial perception, walls defined the space we are in, as much as the space on the other side. While photographing the confined spaces like prison and isolation cells I experienced walls with the only function to separate that space from all the other spaces and the rest of the world.
After my stay in Veenhuizen I visited multiple locations where the dynamic between the interior and the outside world struck me, for instance, when shimmering sunlight penetrates its way in, or street lights that project the windows onto the walls.

2016 Den Helder
The following year the interaction between the interior and the outside world was further explored during a working period in Den Helder. By placing curtains and drapes in the spaces of numerous empty apartments the interaction between inside and out was further enhanced.
Applying the drapes into the space is as well a theatrical intervention. It breaks with the convention of documentary photography but offers many opportunities to create an image that truly reflects my intentions.